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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Un-Veepstakes Continues

Newly elected GOP Governor Bobby Jindal said today that he would not be McCain's Vice President. And so, as the summer lengthens without a VP announcement from either presumptive nominee, Jindal joins the growing list of up-and-coming politicians on both sides of the aisle who have counted themselves out of the running. It's getting harder to think of anyone who can fill that role who would also want it. Random thought: Perhaps Ted Kennedy could be induced to offer one more act of service to his country?


Raised By Republicans said...

I can certainly imagine why an up-and-comer in the GOP would not want to be within a country mile of John McCain's campaign. The images of McCain and the elder Bush puttering around in a golf cart looked absurdly OLD. Two old farts in a cart.

Teddy Kennedy probably isn't healthy enough to do it. But some as old as Kennedy would be a favored choice of the Clinton camp as such a person would be unlikely to challenge Clinton for her nomination in 2016. If Clinton herself isn't the VP pick, she would prefer Obama pick some nice old man with LOTS AND LOTS of gravitas (a bad ticker would be a nice plus).

The Law Talking Guy said...

Kennedy? Are you mad? That would be of service to the GOP only. I think Obama will choose another (relatively) young person who may have specific helpful experience but who does not seem more qualified than Obama. Richardson is a good bet on that score.

Dr. Strangelove said...

I think you are wrong about Kennedy. Republicans may hate him, but I think independents respect him.

The Law Talking Guy said...

I don't know if independents respect Ted Kennedy. An independent is, in my view, usually a person who would vote Republican but is turned off by (1) the corruption, (2) the far-right religious crap, (3) the incompetence, and (4) the inability to get anything done on issues like the economy and health care. These people are not liberals by choice. Independents are as likely as anyone else to identify Ted Kennedy as the ur-liberal, and the Old Guard to boot. I think it is kind of nuts to put him on the ticket. We need a "new" Democrat.

And Kennedy couldn't be VP to Obama - the age/experience differential is way too great. It would feel very odd.