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Thursday, July 10, 2008

McCain's Military Service

Because I work around military types, I get mixed reviews about McCain's record of military service. Some tell me it was less than distinguished and had it not been for his imprisonment and torture, he would be seen a much less than a hero. So I decided to hunt around. What I found was very interesting. Almost hands down, the reports are either neutral (such as Wikipedia) or glowing (Such as Time). More independent sources such as Pro Patria,a blog by a Navy guy paint a different picture. In the interest of fairness, he says in the comments that follow his post, that his sources include Vietnamn Veterans Against John McCain and a book calledNightingale's Song by Robert Timberg who also wrote "John McCain: An American Odyssey."

So take the information as you will. But I think it is a point of view worth noting. That said, Obama cannot attack McCain directly on his military record, but it doesn't hurt for the likes of us to put it out there.

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Raised By Republicans said...

Obama should take every chance to appear above attacking McCain on his military stuff. Instead, he should deliver heeps of praise for John McCain's more than half century of public service. Praise McCain A LOT but make it sound like the introduction at a retirement party.