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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer of Love, Part V

The California wedding industry is expected to reap hundreds of millions of dollars from the gay marriage boom this summer. Hoping to cash in on the action, Massachusetts today changed its laws to permit non-resident gay and lesbian couples to marry in Massachusetts, effective immediately.

Opponents of the change warned that Massachusetts would become the "Las Vegas" of gay weddings. Proponents of the change promised pretty much the same thing :-)


Anonymous said...

Having planned and executed a wedding, I assure you that there is only one "wedding color" - green. It's big business, from clothing to flowers to frozen live butterflies you can have released at the end of the ceremony (I wish I was kidding about the poor butterflies).

I really hope the rise of gay weddings will finally make vendors realize that brides are not the only ones who have preferences or make decisions. There were so many details I really didn't care about, and it was frustrating to constantly deal with vendors who would say things like, "oh, the groom won't care if the flowers are all pink" or only get serious if I called them up.

-Seventh Sister

USwest said...

I saw justice of the peace and a pic-nic in the park.

Pombat said...

Ahhhhh! It's finally dawned on me why you say the only wedding colour is green!!! (took a few hours & couple of readings of the comments on this post) I'll just go stand over in this corner with the other people who think that money is blue/purple/red/yellow... (to be fair, Aussies do have a green note, the $100, but ATMs only dispense red & yellow - $20 & $50 - so you don't often see them; and the UK fiver is kinda green-ish, although more on the turquoisey side of things).

Personally, I'm kinda hoping that economic downturn / random outbreaks of sanity will make people realise that there are far too many 'details' that aren't at all necessary, and even if you have all the details, including the poor butterflies, and it all goes perfectly to plan, you're still not guaranteed a good marriage: wedding ≠ marriage.

Perfect wedding? Two people who really want to be together and acknowledge that there will be bad as well as good, bunch of people who care about them and will make for a good party - anything else is just gravy :-)

USwest said...

I'm waiting for the divorce industry on gay marriages to kick in.

The Law Talking Guy said...

The wedding business is all about uninformed consumers and no repeat customers. So vendors have every opportunity and incentive to behave unethically.

The Law Talking Guy said...

Gay divorce is, in my view, basically nothing interesting unless children are involved. Then it becomes super messy. Family law always is about choosing between painful alternatives - gay divorce with children adds another whole set of choices.

Dr. Strangelove said...

Is gay divorce with children messier than straight divorce with children? Or is it an issue of the law lagging behind?

USwest said...

Well, if there is an ex-husband involved with the lesbian mother- who is now divorcing her lesbian wife, It could get messy.

And how does that work if a spouses wages can be tapped to pay child support of the one with the ex-wife? This all gets rather weird.