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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What a McCain Presidency Would Mean

Check this out. (NOTE: When I first posted this, I pasted the wrong url to the link to the left. I've fixed it so you can see the video I was talking about below)

We've talked about it on this blog and it's been around the web a few times but it really is getting to the heart of what this election is about. By the way, the guy standing behind McCain is none other than former Democrat, Joe Lieberman.

You remember Joe. He's the guy who lost the Democratic primary in Connecticut to Ned Lamont then ran as a pro-war Independent against the Democratic party nominee.

McCain may be a straight talker. But what he's talking about is putting the USA smack in the middle of a war without end in the Middle East.


USWest said...

We always said that McCain was more conservative than he let on.

The deal breaker on McCain for me was when he flip flopped on GW back in 2000.

Raised By Republicans said...

No kidding, US West. I couldn't believe he'd support Bush after what Bush did to him in the South Caroline primary.