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Monday, January 07, 2008

Obama on the Issues

Here's a quote from Obama that will help explain why I decided to support him:

“When I am this party's nominee, my opponent will not be able to say that I voted for the war in Iraq; or that I gave George Bush the benefit of the doubt on Iran; or that I supported Bush-Cheney policies of not talking to leaders that we don't like. And he will not be able to say that I wavered on something as fundamental as whether or not it is ok for America to torture — because it is never ok… I will end the war in Iraq… I will close Guantanamo. I will restore habeas corpus. I will finish the fight against Al Qaeda. And I will lead the world to combat the common threats of the 21st century: nuclear weapons and terrorism; climate change and poverty; genocide and disease. And I will send once more a message to those yearning faces beyond our shores that says, "You matter to us. Your future is our future. And our moment is now.”

— Barack Obama, Des Moines, Iowa, November 10, 2007

In boldface are the issues that matter the most to me. When it comes to all the other legislation, social programs, etc., I expect compromise and that's fine with me. I don't want a big-spending liberal, just someone who really gets what the rule of law is about.


Bell Curve said...

Which candidate are the other Citizens (and our readers) supporting? I was waffling for a while but I am firmly in the Obama camp now.

Raised By Republicans said...

Here's the thing about detail in Presidential candidates. It doesn't matter nearly as much as people think.

What's important is a credible demonstration of priorities. Obama has given a clear indication of that. Anything more specific is just blowing smoke because Presidents don't get to write (or even amend) legislation just sign it or veto it.

If you haven't read it before, I'm an Obama supporter and I think he's the best guy for the job. Americans are sick of hearing bad news. Obama is positive and focussed on the future.

Bill Clinton's theme song was a Fleetwood Mac song with the refrain "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow." I can't think of many songs that would be more poorly suited to his wife's campaign. But that song would fit Obama's campaign nicely.

The election is about the future. It's about putting an awful 8 years behind us. It's not about giving Hillary the chance to get even with the "vast right wing conspiracy." It's not about giving Edwards the chance to start some sort of class war with Corporate America.

The Law Talking Guy said...

Of course, it WILL be ugly. Southern Republicans will play the race card. They can't help it. There will be cartoons with caricatures showing big lips, not just big ears. Members of the Dartmouth Review might appear in blackface. This will happen, mark my words.

The question will then be whether this helps the GOP (as such racist things always have in US history) or whether they turn off the electorate, at least in key suburban constituencies.

Dr. Strangelove said...

If Obama leads the Democrats into November, it will be fascinating to see how America deals with the racial symbolism and significance. It's almost worth voting for him just to see what happens. (But after some soul-searching, I've returned to the HRC camp.)

Raised By Republicans said...

Dr. S. Are you intending to imply that you won't vote for Obama because you're more afraid that the Southern conservatives will turn out to defeat a Black man than Hillary Clinton?

The Law Talking Guy said...

Dr.S., this is your chance: for the Obama-ites on this blog, tell us why you are voting for HRC rather than Obama. If electability is the reason, explain. If something else, explain that too. I'd like to engage on this. I feel like we've made assertions about electability here, without much real argumentation.

What "soul-searching" did you just perform, and what did it lead you to, and why?