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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Exit Poll Numbers

Here is the MSNBC exit poll.

Some highlights:

Tellingly, Obama essentially tied Hillary Clinton among White Men.

So just after the Clintons said that Obama was the latest "Jesse Jackson" candidate...the "Black" candidate"...the "articulate young leader with a base in South Carolina" - Hillary has been exposed as the candidate of Baby Boomer Women and very little else. Clinton won in only one race/age category...Whites over 60. Well, she tied Edwards in that category actually.
Another telling stat: Obama tied Clinton among white non-Democrats. In other words Southern Whites who probably didn't vote for either Gore or Kerry vote for Obama (the supposed "Black candidate") in the same numbers that they vote for Hillary Clinton. Is the "New South" finally here?

Yet another telling stat: HRC did much better among those voters who said that personal qualities were more important than issues than among those who said issues were more important.

Finally, voters who responded that the country WAS NOT ready for a Black President voted mainly for Clinton. But Obama won among voters who thought the country WAS ready for a Woman President. So was this a case of Obama winning the "Black vote" or Clinton winning the racist vote?


Dr. Strangelove said...

One minor correction: HRC did much better among those voters who said that leadership and personal qualities were more important than issues (not just "personal qualities"). Experience falls into that category, so it is little surprise she won there.

I remarked on the exit polls etc. in my earlier post.

Raised By Republicans said...

Thanks Dr. S. But Obama won in both categories.