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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Make it 100

If John McCain wins the Republican nomination, this has GOT to be the issue. Keep pressing him on it. Keep bringing it up. This will lose him the general election.


Raised By Republicans said...

Notice the guy in the front row with the beard...his jaw has dropped. By the way, McCain got 13% of the GOP vote. That ties him with "Grandpa Fred" and puts him in fourth place. So much for the "comeback kid part II."

The Law Talking Guy said...

Oh, it will be, don't worry. Dems are salivating for John "Iraq War" McCain to lead the GOP.

Dr. Strangelove said...

I've said it before, but I'll repeat it anyhow: to my mind, McCain is the most dangerous of candidates running that the GOP could throw at the Democrats. (And I am still predicting McCain will end up as the GOP nominee.)

Bear in mind that all the major GOP candidates support the war in Iraq. Romney wants to deploy five more brigades to Baghdad and more troops to Al-Anbar province as well. Giuliani supports deploying 21,500 more soldiers. Thompson and Huckabee support staying indefinitely.

The difference is that McCain has never wavered on the war. He alone can articulate support for the war in Iraq as a matter not just of policy but of principle. He alone can pose a clear policy alternative to the Democrats. And by the way, he's a war hero.