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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

A Republican's POV (See! we're fair and balanced)

Here is what a Republican friend of mine said to me in an email. I'll keep his name out of it so that you all don't flame him or something. He's a self-proclaimed "McCain/Spector moderate" (not quite sure what he means by that since he votes for Republicans of all factions).

"Again as my point as been.......we are at war......and when you are at war, certain freedoms MUST be order to provide security.......if you want more freedom, you MUST sacrifice some cannot have it both ways...... " - 'RBR's Republican friend.' (the "......" and the all caps were in the original, I did not delete parts of his argument or add emphasis)

Here is what I replied:

"Just out of curiosity... What do you mean by "certain freedoms?" Where would you draw the line? How would suggest that we enforce that line? Should we simply give the executive branch (regardless of party ID) carte blanche and trust to their good intentions? The Founding Fathers argued that would be foolish.

Also by "at war" are you referring to the hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan or are you referring to the broader "war on terrorism?" If the latter, how do you suggest we measure our success in that war? How will we know when we've won? At what point will be able to get back our sacrificed freedoms?

I suggest to you that this whole issue was covered by the Founding Fathers with regard to the "Alien and Sedition Acts" and the debate about a Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers knew the answers to these questions were very tricky to say the least. That's why they included the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. That's why the right of habeas corpus figures so prominently in the Constitution.

The people arguing that we need to "sacrifice certain freedoms" don't answer these questions. They leave it open ended. Since no one will say where it will end I say STOP NOW. I'd rather take my 1 in a hundred thousand chance of being killed by a terrorist attack like another 9/11 than tolerate tyranny here in the USA." - RBR

Citizens, have you any comments?

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