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Friday, April 16, 2004

How Do We Get Out of Iraq?

Hi again,
I think invading Iraq in the first place was a huge mistake. But now we are there we can't just walk away.
But how do we get out of Iraq??
Step 1) Get the UN involved at least nominally. Obviously, even if the UN cooperates, the US will end up doing most of the dirty work. But having the UN there for political cover will make the job easier and make it easier to get other countries to share the financial burden. What do we care if the UN gets the credit? Our goal is a stable and democratic Iraq, right? If we can get there more easily and cheaper by letting the UN or - gasp - the French wet their beaks in the reconstruction contracts then so be it!
Step 2) Get Ayatollah Sistani, or his appointee, into a very public position of the new Iraqi transistional government. Sistani has been annoying the Bush adminstration by insisting on earlier direct elections. That's not feesible, elections require a lot more than a public declaration. But granting Sistani some real influence over the transition to an independent Iraq might get him "on board." Maybe even put him in charge of trying his more radical rival, Al Sadr, - once we catch the guy - for murdering a third prominent Shia cleric (Al Sadr is as big a threat to Sistani in the long run as to us). It would make the US look more reasonable and open to Iraqi needs and desires. Finally, it would give Sistani a stake in the process and possibly turn him from an annoying voice from the sidelines to an ally. I think I heard that Sistani is Iranian by birth but if he has been living in Iraq all these years, one presumes he doesn't get along with the Iranian regime (something the US should take advantage of).
Step 3) OK, I'm out of steps. I think the first two will do a lot to untangle us.
Do the other "Citizens" have any opinions on this?

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