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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Exceeding Low Expectations?

And the wackiness ensues...

I saw President Bush's 3rd press conference of his Presidency (I heard it's the lowest number of press conferences of any modern President) and here is my bottom line assessment...
I don't think it will change the approval ratings much one way or the other which, given Bush's record with press interaction, is pretty good for Bush. Here we go again with G.W. exceeding low expectations.
I thought the best moment for Bush was when he started getting really excited about how "Freedom is the Almighty's gift to the world." He said that about 2 minutes before the conference was scheduled to end and I think he should have said, "Thanks" and walked out right then...Reagan or Clinton probably would have. But he asked for one more question and it deflated his moment. The final question was [paraphrasing], "do you think you have failed as a communicator to make the case for the war in Iraq?" And his answer was safe, predictable and totally unmemorable. It was like watching a gymnast do a great vault and then land on his butt - plop. His supporters won't notice the bad landing though. His critics will probably be put off by the messianic language.
His worst moment of the press conference was when he was asked if he could think of any mistakes he has made either with respect to preventing 9/11 or the war in Iraq. He paused, made a little joke, paused again then said, "I’m sure something will pop into my head but it hasn’t yet." After that he asserted that we still might find weapons of mass distruction and cited a Turkey farm Libya that was an especially good hiding place for Khadafi before he came clean this year.
Bottom line is that there is stuff in this press conference to confirm the existing opinions of viewers but not much to convince someone to change their mind one way or the other.

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