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Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday YouTube

First, there's this video for Obama:

... and then this parody video for McCain ...



The Law Talking Guy said...

What fascinating videos! I heard about the first one, the "Yes, We Can" video. It's enormously upbeat and amazingly non-threatening. It really sums up what the campaign has been about so far for Obama, both the message and the (sometimes) lack of substance.

The McCain video is hysterical. I was dying as I watched it. It shows how McCain's message runs contrary to conventional wisdom about Iraq and other wars. As RBR explained, negative campaigning (like that bit) ony works when it is in keeping with conventional wisdom. That's how you beat McCain: show that he's obsessive and triggerhappy.

Raised By Republicans said...

Obama vs McCain would be like Jack or Bobby Kennedy vs Bob Dole.

I'll say this...when I was at an Obama rally and he stopped the "what I plan to do" part of the speach and started in on the inspirational "get the crowd fired up" part, it was really exillerating. At one point the crowd (which was really large) started chanting USA USA USA but for the first time since that hocky game back in Lake Placid it wasn't angry or war like. It was in response to Obama telling us all not to be afraid to dream of a better country. Not to be afraid to insist that we get that better country. And not to be afraid to expect to get it! USA USA USA.

That's what FDR, JFK and Reagan had. That ability to make Americans who were sick and tired of bad news just shrug it all off and reinvent the country. That's America at its best.

When Americans act like that, people around the world actually like us. But when we chant "USA USA USA" because an F-16 flew over a football game, people around the world get really worried about us. And frankly, I can't really blame them.

For once in my life, I'd like to see a President who makes it OK to be proud of my country again.