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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro Resigns; Satan Dons Overcoat

It's finally happened. After 50 years of trying to force Castro to resign by punishing the Cuban people with trade sanctions, he has decided to resign because of ill health. Two cheers. No, not even half a cheer. Cuban exiles in Miami must be beside themselves with a sense of loss - what are they to hate so unflaggingly now? Poor Republicans too, no more communism in the neighborhood to rail against. For the US election, this provides an opening for the Dem nominee in Florida. Engagement with Cuba might make inroads there. This is perhaps more liberating for US foreign policy than even for Cubans themselves.

Next up: Bush and McCain will claim credit for this "victory."


USWest said...

I am not so optimistic that "engagement" will make inroads. I don't think the "exiles" are any more hopeful about Raul. And Castor will still sit as head of the party. So don't bank on any big policy changes.

Dr. Strangelove said...

My view on the Castro clan: one down, one to go.

The Law Talking Guy said...

I hope Fidel doesn't develop a cold.

Raised By Republicans said...

While this isn't the end, it's probably the beginning of the end. Raul is nearly as old as Fidel and far from likely to be anything other than a care-taker leader. The Yuri Andropov of Cuba if you will.

The real question is: how many of the aging Old Guard will take a turn at the helm before turning Cuba over to a young reformer?