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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Danish MPs Cancel Trip to Iran

A group of Danish MPs were scheduled to make a diplomatic trip to Iran. But the Iranian government demanded that they apologize for the fact that 11 Danish newspapers reprinted one of the infamous Mohamed cartoons.

The MPs decided not to go. Then I saw on the BBC website that one of the MPs, Villy Soevndal (SF), said that it was Iran that should apologize for their poor human rights record. Mr. Soevndal is the leader of the far left Socialist People's Party. How refreshing to see a leftist politician stand up for this kind of thing instead of bowing to the kind of PC moral relativism one might expect.

Here's to you Mr. Soevndal. I'd probably never vote for you if I were a Danish voter but my hat's off to you today.

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The Law Talking Guy said...

Why are Danish MPs going to Iran in the first place? Iran needs to apologize for violating the universal law of diplomatic immunity and embassy sovereignty for its 1979-1980 hostage taking. No country should establish normal diplomatic relations with Iran until it does so. The principles of the Vienna Convention are so bedrock important to international relations that all should stand firm on this.