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Monday, March 12, 2007

What's with Dubai?

Hi Everyone,

Remember when the Bush Administration got a black eye over their deal to approve the transfer of a number of port facilities to a company based in Dubai (one of the United Arab Emirates)? Well, Halliburton is trying a different approach. One our largest defense contractors is moving their headquarters to Dubai after they already have the contracts. The AP story is posted here.

Interesting move. Are they, as they say, moving to be closer to their clients? Or are they moving to be "off shore" to limit their accountability to American regulations now that they are in the hands of Democrats? Is this a sign that Halliburton et al expect a Democratic victory in 2008?

All wild speculation aside, this is a move that deserves our special attention.

Any of you heard anything credible?


The Law Talking Guy said...

I thought this was very curious. It might be Cheney political favor to make up for the Dubai Ports World problem last year. Remember the argument that doing business with Dubai would "strengthen an ally in the region"?

USwest said...

I agree it is odd timing. Both LTG and RBR make good points.

NPR asked a reporter this morning if this would off-shore the tax liability. He got a dance from the reporter who redirected the question although he did say they wouldn't have to pay taxes in Dubai and that the executives would enjoy the lifestyle. In fact, the reporter spent more time talking about all the amazing things a re-located American executive would enjoy from indoor skiing to private islands. I thought that was an especially odd way to respond to the question. The implciation being that Dubai would be like Vegas for these very wealthy men an dwould be a great tax shelter.

I wonder if this is also a message to Iran and Syria that our main supplier of military hardware is ready to start supplying our navy that now sits in the Gulf and our army that now sits in Iraq. this annoucnement comes on the heels of a summitt between Syria, Iran, the US, et all.

In addition, it puts us closer to the oil. Keep in mind that there are now deals in place between Iraq and the US about how to steal Iraqi oil. BBC Newsnight and investigative reporter, Greg Palast. did a great piece on this back in 2005. No dobut this plan to move Halliburton has been in the cards for a while.

USwest said...

Oh, and it appears that Cheney isn't bothered by recent scandals and rumours of is declining influence. He told the Israeli American Public Affairs Committee (whoever that is) that all calling for troop draws does is " validate the Al Qaeda strategy.” These are the very same words he used on Pelosi last month when he tried to say Democrats were unpatriotic. The man is a broken record. Is he human or robot?