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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lies: Revealed and Suspected

Hi Everyone,

I've been lax in my contributions lately and for that I apologize. I've been very busy with work etc.

Anyway, two related items to discuss today. First, the jury is in and Scooter Libby is guilty on four out of five counts. The interesting thing that is coming out now is that a juror is saying that while they did think that Libby willfully obstructed justice, they felt he was acting on behalf of (and implicitly at the behest of) others, that he was a "fall guy" - by which we are left to suspect Karl Rove or even Cheney and Bush themselves. You can see this discussion on CNN.COM. So much for the lies we can now count as revealed.

The second story is about suspected lies. You may have been following the story about the series of US Attorneys who were fired abruptly just before the 2006 Congressional elections. Well, it's coming out bit by bit that they were fired because they either dared to prosecute the likes of Duke Cunningham (a now infamous Republican) or refused to rush through indictments of Democratic state assembly reps in time for the election. GOP Senator Demonici (R-NM) seems to have been one who delivered the "offer they couldn't refuse" in at least one of the cases. The most striking parallel with the Libby/Plame case is that one of the fired US Attorneys is now saying that they were all intimidated and ordered not to talk to the press about their dismissal. If they did, the White House/Justice Department threatened to reveal embarassing details of their records to the press. Sound familiar??? Sounds exactly like what they did to Wilson and Plame to me! You can read about it on CNN.COM here.

This administration has a pattern of abuse of office, threats and intimidation. And all that combined with a disregard for their own responsibilities (see Abu Gharib, Katrina, and now Walter Reed). I'm aware that impeaching these people is probably not worth it at this point. There is so little time left and impeachment and removal from office would take so long that I just don't see the point either politically or pragmatically. But as a liberty and constitution loving America, I hunger for some accountability at some point!

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Dr. Strangelove said...

The Libby verdict is a triumph and yet also a great disappointment. Throughout the case, the machinations of this administration were laid bare, and the culpability of Cheney and Rove became clear. Yet none were called to account.

Perhaps most frustrating has been the administration's refusal to even discuss the case on the grounds that there was an, "ongoing investigation." The media let them get away with that, even though that excuse is not accepted by anyone. Now that the trial is over, one would think this excuse has finally dried up... but no. Because Libby's lawyers are appealing, the administration is again asserting that they are honor-bound not to answer questions or to tell the truth.

I hope Congress and the press do not let Bush and Cheney get away with that lame excuse this time... but I expect nothing.