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Saturday, March 10, 2007

This is not Luke Skywalker

This opinion piece by Jonathan Chaitt is worth reading. Trying to assuage the worries of his fellow conservatives, Sen. Lindsey Graham said of his friend Sen. John McCain: "This is not Luke Skywalker here. This is a totally different campaign." As Chaitt notes,

[Graham's] choice of metaphor is one of those windows into the fundamental cultural gap that separates hard-core conservatives from the rest of humanity. To most people... [it] would be seen as an unmitigated insult. In the world of the GOP elite, though, it's a form of praise: No, no, don't worry, McCain's with the empire now.
So I was just thinking, maybe the Democrats should think of Hillary as Princess Leia. Yes, she thinks she's a queen and sometimes acts like a bitch, but deep down you know she's on your side. Alas, I fear Barack Obama will be this campaign's Wedge Antilles: that skinny kid with the funny name, always popular with the dedicated fans, but who never quite made it.

OK, I'll stop now.


Raised By Republicans said...

I think Richardson is a good candidate for Chewbacca. But who is going to be Han Solo?

But seriously, what the hell does "he's ok, he's no Luke Skywalker" mean? There are times when I think I understand the psychology of these people and then they say completely off the wall stuff like this.

Do they really embrace the idea that they are the Empire? Or is there some sort of Evangelical code at work here. Maybe they hate Star Wars because they think it's anti-Christian somehow.

USWest said...

I thought Cheney was Darth Vader. I love the Jon Stewart clip where Jon talks to Cheney while wearing Vader helmet.

Seriously, anyone who even makes that analogy is showing themselves to be a bit cheesy.

McCain was always craven, a wolf in sheep's clothing. He showed that when he flipped over to help Bush win in 2000. McCain puts party over all else but himself. I hope conservative democrats don't fall for him