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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Did I say "No?" I meant "Yes."

Story #1: The eight fired U.S. attorneys were removed for "poor performance," not politics. In fact, the Justice Department actually was trying to do those attorneys a favor by not discussing why they were fired. There was certainly no involvement with the White House or members of Congress. Everyone was notified appropriately. This whole story is an "overblown personnel matter." It is just a cheap, Democratic political stunt.

Story #2: The White House was directly involved in drawing up the list of people to fire. Bush had personally complained to Gonzales that certain "voter fraud" cases were not being pursued aggressively enough by these attorneys: these involved elections the Republicans had lost. Republican Sen. Pete Domenici and Rep. Heather Wilson personally contacted an attorney directly to try to push one such case along. Gonzales' chief aide, Sampson, corresponded extensively with White House counsel Miers: Sampson has now "resigned." Gonzales admits "mistakes were made" and neither the appointees nor Congress were notified appropriately.

I can't wait to hear Story #3.

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Raised By Republicans said...

The US Attorney who was contacted by the Domenici and Wilson was called at his home phone and has testified to Congress that he fealt the purpose of the call was to get him to announce indictments of Democrats before the 2006 elections. Domenici has retained a lawyer.

I just heard about the White House link. If this can be shown in any way that would count as evidence, it's clear grounds for impeachment - what is this now, the 5th thing Bush has done that is grounds for impeachment?