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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Outrage! Outrage! Outrage!

I am so angry I can barely contain myself. Newt Gingrich, who mercilessly pursued the impeachment of Bill Clinton for getting it on with an intern just admitted that he was having an extramarital affair at the very same time! Un-f***ing-believable! All this total BS about restoring "honor and dignity" to the White House!? I guarantee you all 100% that if he had come clean at the time, Clinton would never have been impeached. Never. All this phony sh*t about Monica, Monica, Monica (note: I censor the words just to prevent them from being blocked by some of your machines - I think they're appropriate for political discourse, particularly now).

And I thought the religious right were just self-righteous sex-obsessed puritanical assholes. Hypocrites too. Damn! Hang him!


Dr. Strangelove said...

It's really something. Doesn't matter how high and mighty they pretend to be--they all do the same old sh*t. You'd think the Evangelicals would wake up to how they've been deceived by the Republican party... but that crowd has never been much for evidence anyhow.

Bell Curve said...

"Ah," but our Republican friends will say, "it was never about the sex -- it was about the lying. Newt never lied under oath about his affair, so it's okay."

Of course, it was about the sex, but I'm just warning you about the blowback (oh God, no pun intended)

The Law Talking Guy said...

Bell Curve: they can say that, but everyone knows it's not true. No need to warn me about the blowback - Republicans are already claiming it's not hypocrisy because it's about who lied under oath.

Then they demand a pardon for Libby...

Raised By Republicans said...

I think the Republican primary is shaping up to be bad news for the GOP. Gingrich and Giuliani are being weeded out because of their affairs and unseemly divorces (Evangelicals don't like that sort of thing to be so public). Dobson has declared that McCain is out of the question because of his past opposition to the Christian Right movement.

That leaves Huckabee, Romney and Brownback. None of whom have the name recognition of Gingrich, Giuliani or McCain. All three are pitching themselves are religiously motivated social conservatives.

Such a candidate would not do well in the general election IMHO. The country is well and truely sick of Bush and another candidate who gets up and talks like an Evangelical conservative is going to sounds like "4 More Years of Bushism."

A secular conservative like McCain or even Gingrich might have been able to pull it off but so long as the Christian right continues to veto such candidates, the GOP won't be nominating anyone like that.