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Friday, March 09, 2007

America Can Win This One

I love it. The NY Times reports the latest Republican talking point: that the Democrats are trying to "micromanage" the war. No, they are trying to manage the war, something Bush and the Republicans have been unable to do in five years. Republicans also complain that the Democrats are trying to "interfere" with the President's "ability" to conduct the war successfully. And it's a hard charge to refute: how does one show one is not interfering with an ability that does not exist?

The Democrats need to keep embarrassing the hell out of the Republican party. They need to keep hammering the Republicans in Congress with resolution after resolution, forcing them to go on record opposing all reasonable attempts to manage Bush's failures in Iraq, until their political survival instincts finally kick in and they do what is right: end this madness and bring our troops home. Already the Republicans are fracturing and the Bush presidency is weak as a pile of mush. So keep going, Reid and Pelosi! This is a war America can win.

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