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Friday, October 13, 2006

Why the GOP May Lose Congress

A picture being worth a thousand words, I give you the picture and my silence, except to form my mouth into a wordless "O" of wonder.


Anonymous said...

I would be happy except I remember Tip O'Neil's maxim: all politics are local. People ALWAYS hate Congress and re-elect their Congressman. I realize we, the Dem's (at this point, we the sane) only need 15 seats. WIth a month to go, it looks possible. But they are UNREAL on the ground, they fight tooth and claw to disallow votes and, I hate to use this phrase, but cheat.

I have been too often burned to get happy. One other thing, the NY Times ran a reader forum on who the leading Presidential candidates were according to the readers. The usual suspects all made apperances as well as some strange Governors from Kansas and Tennessee. The favorite ticket, by 8 to 1 or more? Gore/Obama.

Plausible given how much African American voting would be spiked by Obama's nomination and Gore has experience and proven he can do the job. He did already win one election for President.

The Acting President 

// posted by The Acting President

Anonymous said...

Check out for a VERY detailed look on all house and senate races up for grabs. Current predictions: Senate 51-49, House 226-205 (4 too close to call).


// posted by LTG

Anonymous said...

The usual suspects all made apperances as well as some strange Governors from Kansas and Tennessee. 

I don't know about Tennessee, but the Governor of Kansas is Kathleen Sibelius (I loved her early work, Finlandia) and she should definitely get consideration for Veep. Also, the gov. of Montana, Brian Schweitzer, should be in the 08 Prez mix. 

// posted by Bell Curve

Anonymous said...

The last two categories are huge! For Democrats to beat Republicans in both "terrorism" and "moral values" is a bad sign for Republicans.

While all politics is local, the detailed district stuff confirms the national polls. Republicans nation wide are largely demoralized and Democrats are PISSED!

I've yet to meet a Demcorat who is thinking of this election as something that doesn't matter (2000) or something where the two parties are no different (2004). Bush has unified the Democratic party!

And corruption and a total absence of good governance have demoralized Republicans and alienated independents.


// posted by RBR

Dr. Strangelove said...

Maybe two Senators had a little pow-wow this week, and Clinton/Warner is the ticket...?

Anonymous said...

I really hope it's not HC for President. Her negatives are in the high 40s NOW. And that's after six years of being in the Senate plus the sympathy vote for being married to Bill.

In other words, she can win a solid 220 EV from the blue states and we crap out.  

// posted by LTG

Anonymous said...

Yes, HC for President is a disaster waiting to happen. I'd vote for her but she's too polarizing and our country certainly could do with less of THAT! 

// posted by RBR