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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Washington Times Calls for Hastert to Quit

The Washington Times is one of the most conservative newspapers in the United States. They have published an editorial calling on Speaker of the House Hastert to resign. This is huge. The Washington Times is normally a shameless Republican rag - second only to the WSJ for partisan editorial policy. For them to turn on the Republican Speaker of the House is a big big deal.

In other news, as I listen to the radio, NPR is also starting to interview former pages and is reporting that Republican staffers were informally warning pages to stay away from Foley as early as 2001. If the staff knew, how can the Members claim they didn't know? This sounds like it was an open secret among Republicans on the Hill for years!

Finally, NPR is starting to open up phase 3 of this. What about millions of dollars Foley raised for his reelection campaign? Some of it has been transferred to national party funds. The GOP is saying they are going to keep the money and use it to get Republicans elected around the country. We'll see what this does to their base's turnout.

The story has officialy gone way beyond the behavior of a single Congressman. This is about a GOP coverup! This is about the way we have come to expect the GOP leadership from the White House on down to behave when in positions of authority. Iraq, Katrina,... now this.

I thought I was angry about these guys before this broke. But I didn't realize how angry I could get. Let this be the end of it!! Enough!


Anonymous said...

As RBR has said in the past, the only kind of scandal that gets the Republican voters mad is a sex scandal - not money. The Republican outrage is, I think, even surprising the Democrats who are actually behind on this one. Democrats probably figured it would fizzle because, so far, there is no evidence of actual molestation. If that turns up - and it probably will - watch out.  

// posted by LTG

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are wrongly equating Foley's behavior with homosexuality. That's why they are so up in arms about this. There have already been a number of Republican statements implicitly saying the problem is that Foley was Gay - ignoring the fact that the real issue was that he was attracted to children regardless of his prefered gender.

It is sad that it takes this kind of thing to bring down a morally bankrupt regime. But if this is what it takes to show rural America that their Emperor has no clothes, so be it. The stakes are too high to quibble.

Foley should not be the focus of the story from the Democrats. The Republicans are trying to lay this entirely on Foley - "a known homosexual." As for the Democrats, they would be well advised to emphasize the cover-up! And put it in the context of general Republican arrogance, ineptitude and abuse of power.

As for all good Americans...VOTE DEMOCRAT IN 2006!! What possible reason is there to stay with the Republicans!? 

// posted by Raised By Republicans

Anonymous said...

LTG, in a comment to an older post on this subject, our friend Pombat asked about age of consent laws in the US. I gave a reply but I'm not a lawyer and my knowlege in this area is mainly the kind of thing high school kids talk about. 

// posted by RBR

Dr. Strangelove said...

Rep. Mark Foley has been closeted for years. It does not surprise me that a man unable to cope with his own sexuality would end up expressing it in inappropriate ways. The same holds true for "celibate" Catholic priests... How sadly ironic that Foley now says he was molested by a priest when he was a child.