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Monday, October 09, 2006

Missouri Senate Debate

I watched a portion of the Missouri Senate debate between incumbent Jim Talent, who won in a razor-thin victory over Jean Carnahan (Ashcroft's old seat - when he was beaten by the dead Mel Carnahan), and Claire McCaskill, State Auditor. This article describes much of the debate. I was surprised at how impresive McCaskill was, and how wormy and squirmy Talent was. He was asked whether GWBush was a great president. He couldn't answer. Then, for contrast, Russert threw it to McCaskill: do you think Clinton is a great president. Answer, "Absolutely I do. I have problems with his personal choices, but I've said before he's a great leader, although I wouldn't let my daughter near him." Smell that fresh air! I think she's going to win that race. She stressed her independence and Talent's connection to Big Money. She said, of stem cells, that "her faith tells her to heal the sick." Talent looked ill.

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Anonymous said...

They are currently in a dead heat. Talent is an incumbant and being tied with his challenger is a bad sign for him. 

// posted by RBR