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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why Bush's Lack of Intelligence Mattered

Back in 2000 when it appeared that the next President would preside over a continuation of the brief Pax Clintonia, Republican supporters argued that it didn't matter that Bush wasn't the brightest bulb in the bunch. After all he wouldn't be called upon to do much and if something did pop up, he'd have good people around him to advise him and do the real work. Or not.

Iraq has been the best example of why it matters that our President is an unintelligent man who was spoiled as a child (and adult) by his parents and their rich friends. I've seen students like Bush. They're the ones who blow off a class for a semester and then come begging for "extra credit" to compensate for the failing grade on the final exam. That's exactly what Bush is doing now. It turns out that all that talk about "Stay The Course" that we heard from Bush wasn't really what he meant. He hasn't told us exactly what he did mean (he hasn't figured it out that far yet) but he's very clear that it's not fair of the librul media to characterize his past statements as "Stay The Course."

Sound familiar? How many version of the reason we invaded in the first place did hear? First it was that Iraq had WMDs. Then it was that Iraq was involved in 9/11. Then it was to establish Iraqi Democracy. That last one has since been scaled down to "stable" in many circles.

It was the same with Katrina. His first response was a non-response. Then when he saw that people were annoyed by this, he did a lame fly over in Air Force One. Then people were still annoyed. So he went to visit his good buddy, Trent Lott down in Mississippi and promised to get him aid so that the Senator could rebuild his vacation home. Ooops, what about that major US city under 20 feet of water? Better put the image people on that one. So they set up generators and flood lights in one of the few picturesque dry spots and did the whole "look Presidential" act.

Bush consistently screws up initial responses to crises and thinks he can just start over as if his first response never happened. He learned how to do that when he was a spoiled, unintelligent little rich boy in boarding school. There were many of us (a majority actually) who saw this and expected this. But we all know what happened.

Now we have a chance to stop the national decline. We can impose accountability on this man for the first time in his entire life! VOTE! VOTE DEMOCRAT! GET YOUR NEIGHBORS TO VOTE! GET TURN OUT UP! HUGE TURN OUT!


US West said...

You all need to watch this. If bet if you do, you won't need to read "State of Denial".

It isn't just Bush. Rummy and Cheney are horribily dangerous. THERE IS NO LEADERSHIP IN THIS ADMINISTRATION. Colin Powel was the only real leader they had and he's gone. These people are driven by ego. They hate each other. Are more interested in infighting, and they have no plan. NONE WHATSOEVER.

It is worse than Vietnam under Johnson and Nixon. 

// posted by USWest

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think I saw that. It is so frustrating that this crowd (the Republicans) seem to have a reputation for being foreign policy experts and the Democrats are supposed to be idiots.

I'll take Warren Christopher and Madeline Albright over Rummy and Condi any day! 

// posted by Raised By Republicans