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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Oh my God! Everyone panic! I thought we were crazy to think that terrorism could happen anywhere but on the coasts, and here it is! A terrorist attack in Davenport, Iowa! Can you believe it, car bombs here? Jeez, this makes me rethink everything! I'll have to stock up on supplies and start voting Republican and ...

Oh, wait. It's just a guy trying to blow up an abortion clinic. Charge him with second-degree arson and move on. I mean, this clinic didn't even actually perform abortions, so what's the big deal? You can hardly consider this a car-bombing, really. Plus, he's a God-fearing Christian. Maybe he can just do some community service or something.


Anonymous said...

No kidding! The double standard in the Bush adminsitration's concern about these things is both glaring and telling. (FYI: the guy wasn't from Iowa, he was from Michigan - like the guys who blew up the Ok. City fed building).

Oh, and while we're complaining about the double standard, Remember ANTHRAX!? (the attacks not the heavy metal group). Has anyone asked the Bush administration lately about that series of anthrax mail bombs that were sent to various Democratic Congressional offices and other high profile liberal groups? I guess that wasn't a priority.  

// posted by RBR

Anonymous said...

Remember, the problem is not terrorism. It's Islamofascism, which is apparently related to Jihadism. Somehow this relates to Saddam Hussein and madrasas in Pakistan, but not to Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia. Al Qaeda is the problem, along with Democrats who want to appease Hitler in Iraq even after 9/11, which was the "December 7th of our day." The important thing is that we must not Cut and Run. We must fight terrorists on their turf, not on ours. And if their turf is not fun (like the caves of Tora Bora) we can destablize and invade a secular Arab dictatorship and invite Al Qaeda to fight us there.

It's all a bit confusing, but you should trust Our Leaders now that we're in a Time of War.

Oh, and be grateful that there are some people, like that would be martyr in Iowa, who is so full of the Culture of Life that he is willing to blow up abortion clinics. Peace and forty virgins be upon him.


// posted by LTG