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Friday, September 15, 2006

Bob Ney: the Duke's New Cellmate

The story is breaking that Congressman Bob Ney - a Republican from Ohio - is pleading guilty to taking bribes. He has hitherto maintained his innocence. I hope this helps persuade Ohioans to stop voting for Republicans. Of course, who knows.

Ney, Delay, Cunningham: Three down, 222 to go...

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Anonymous said...

From what I hear the corruption issue - which is far more widespread in the Ohio Republican party than just Bob Ney - is having exactly the effect LTG hopes for. My father has voted for Republicans his entire life (while living in several states not just Ohio) and he is currently saying he will not vote for the Republican candidate for governor and is not enthusiastic about voting at all for any of the Republicans. He used to give money to the GOP but, as far as I know, has not given any in this election cycle. When the GOP loses the unconditional support of voters like my dad they are in BIG BIG trouble!

Poll numbers back up this annecdotal evidence. The governor's race in Ohio is listed as "likely Democratic" by Larry Sabato . The Columbus Dispatch reports that Democrat Strickland is beating Blackwell 47-27. The incumbant Republican Senator, Mike DeWine, is also in trouble trailing Democrat Sherrod Brown by 4 points.

According to Sabato's website, the key house races in Ohio are also not looking good for the GOP. Normally safe Republican seats (including Ney's) are looking competitive or even "toss ups." Normally competitive districts are leaning to the Democrats.  

// posted by RBR