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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Jane Harman is a congresswoman some of us know well, and have our disagreements with ... at least, we used to. She had a primary challenge from the left this summer and she responded by tacking to the left (think of her as the anti-Joe Lieberman). Read more about her turnaround on a great post here.

Now, congresswoman Harman is making me very proud by calling for the release of another report about how Iraq is causing more terrorism. No, not the one that was leaked to the New York Times, a second one. Good for her! I hope other Democrats will follow her lead and keep the pressure on; this stuff can't be allowed to be kept secret until November.

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Anonymous said...

She must have run the numbers and found out she's in a Democratic district. But I'll take it.

At least she's learned the lesson Lieberman hasn't. You can't back Bush all the time when your constituents are scared of him. 

// posted by RBR