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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue

Bush now admits that the CIA has held at least 14 people in secret prisons for years! So he's been lying about it ever since the charges were first made in November of last year. The very notion of secret prisons goes against everything America believes in. (And if you don't suspect those 14 men were also tortured, you have not been paying attention.)

Bush must be impeached.


Anonymous said...

He is hoping to save the Republicans from loosing the House by suddenly coming clean. Either that, or these are the moments of lucidy between the bouts of drunkeness.

And how many US soliders are facing trial now because they carried out illegal orders? When do we get to put the stinking group in Leavenworth?

You wait and see, the truth will come out. 

// posted by USwest

US West said...

This was the headline in the NYT:
C.I.A. Detainees Sent to Guantánamo

How deceiving!
Of course the first line reports the secret prisions.And the article gives more detail than CNN. They all but admit torture.

Anonymous said...

He's hoping this gets buried in the 9/11 five-year anniversary hoopla, the memoriorama that will be on TV. This is a great national shame.

Bush must be impeached.  

// posted by LTG

Anonymous said...

Crap, I forgot tt's that time of year again.

I turned NPR off for a week when Katrina coverage started again. Guess I had better turn it off again.

// posted by USWest