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Monday, December 05, 2005

What Rice Means When She Says We Don't Torture

Hi All,

Condy Rice is running around Europe pushing the same old talking points and pretending they answer European concerns that US agents have used European territory to transport prisoners for the purposes of torturing them. Rice is pushing the unbelievable official position that while the US does not torture or tranport prisoners to countries that do, any investigation or ban of torture by the CIA is not only unnecessary but "aiding the terrorists." This is the astonishing position put forward by Dick Cheney in response to John McCain's calls for a total ban on torture by US forces. Now Rice is using the same talking points to respond to Europe.

And what does Rice mean when she says US forces don't torture? Well, here is what ABC news has discovered Rice and the Bush administration believe is OK.

What Rice and her boss don't seem to understand is that Europeans don't want to hear lame justifications for what the entire world believes constitutes torture. What they want is for the Bush adminsitration to either provide proof that they are not doing this or give a credible promise that they'll stop doing it. But that's not something the Bush administration is prepared to do (even when ordered by our own Courts!). So they respond to serious questions with Condy-sending talking points.



Anonymous said...

Question to Bush: So it would be okay if an American were captured and subject to these "techniques," right?

Answer: That's different. They're terrorists. Trust me, they're terrorists. I never make a mistake.

The man has something seriously wrong with him. He just can't separate right from wrong anymore. 

// posted by LTG

Anonymous said...

What struck me is Rice said that we have not used rendition for torture. That would indicate that rendition of some kind did occur.

It is wrong in 10 thousand ways to have used European airports and airspace to transport prisoners, making the Europeans unwilling and unaware accomplices. That is total abuse of our allies. If you thought our relations with Europe were strained before . . .

The next administration is going to have to do a lot of work and to make a lot of concessions to placate our allies and to reestablish our relationships around the world.

// posted by USWest

Dr. Strangelove said...

Rendition has certainly occurred. Even Condi admits hundreds of flights through German airports, for example.

RxR is right that the administration's postion re torture is astonishing. And LTG is right that Bush and his cronies seem to have finally lost any grasp on whatever feeble moral compass they might have been using.

If McCain can't get the GOP leaders to stop blocking popular his anti-torture bill, I wonder if the Senate will start having hearings...