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Thursday, December 01, 2005

War by Other Means

The violence continues in Iraq, but prosperity and democracy are indeed improving slowly. Alas, since the President understands only guns, everything looks like a firefight to him. It is time for our President to recognize "victory" in Iraq cannot be achieved by further U.S. military action. Our soldiers have done their jobs well. They should come home.

Did not our troops successfully topple the old regime and establish a new government, with free and fair elections? Is the insurgency really so powerful or the new Iraqi government really so weak that the new democracy will collapse if we leave? Does not our military occupation constitute an obstacle to peace, as it fuels the insurgency, spreads anti-American sentiment, and de-legitimizes the fledgling government? Does not the continuation of the violence despite our best efforts demonstrate the futility of attempting a conventional military solution? And have not the Iraqi people of all religions and ethnicites asked us to set a clear timetable and withdraw our forces?

We must defend Iraq and help the Iraqis achieve peace, prosperity, and the victory we all desire. But not all wars can be won with guns. Ending the mlitary occupation is a movement forward, not a retreat. In the highly unconventional struggle against Al Qaeda, we must be bold enough (to paraphrase Clausewitz) to pursue war by other means.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Strangelove has been channeling Rep. Murtha.  

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