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Friday, December 09, 2005

QUIET, I'm trying to aim for my foot.

So, The Governator is, apparently, a ballot box office flop. His polling numbers are in the garbage. So, this is an ideal time for Democrats in CA to find a charismatic leader with BIG IDEAS to retake the Governor's mansion and start rebuilding this state.

Instead, we have Phil Angelides. Phil Angelides, the State Treasurer (elected) and longtime Democratic party stalwart, has garnered all the important endorsements, save the only one he wouldn't want: Gray Davis. He has, on board, both Senators (Boxer and Feinstein), Nancy Pelosi, Magic Johnson, and the Speaker of the CA Assembly. The question is why? Sure, there' s nothing wrong with him. He's a quiet man with glasses, a wife and three daughters in their twenties, and got a B.A. in government from Harvard. He took over the CA Democratic party as chair in 1991, and is credited by some has producing the turnaround in fortune. With all that star power, if he doesn't win the primary, the person who does will emerge from a fractured party.

But Governor? He has no particular stands on any issues. He won't particularly appeal to hispanic voters. He's kind of nerdly. His five issues are depressingly mealy-mouthed. Increasing educational opportunities. Increasing health care. Protecting the environment. Not a word about fixing major structural problems in CA government. Frankly, I can't think of a better candidate for Schwarzenegger to point to and say: that man will not carry out any reforms at all. Stick with me and give me a legislature I can work with. I'll get something done.


Anonymous said...

To answer the obvious questions:

Gavin Newsom (SF Mayor) and John Garamendi (Insurance Commissioner) are far better choices. Steve Westly is also running, and he's got far better ideas , but he makes Angelides look like a rock star in terms of name recognition.


// posted by LTG

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it. I just heard on NPR tonight that a prominent group of Republican activists (the Republican Assembly ) are trying to draft Mel Gibson to run for Governor against Schwarzenegger.

There seems to be only one thing dumber than a California Democrat...a California Republican. 

// posted by Raised By Republicans

Anonymous said...

I think you should give Angelides more credit. No one knows who he is now, but no one's been covering the race for Guv until now.

He's been endorsed by well-known dems because they believe he has what it takes to be Governor. Westly isn't quite ready for prime time. I think he needs a few more years under his belt before he'll be ready for the big time. My only hope is that Westly doesn't get all Al Checchi and spend millions of dollars on a bloody primary.  

// posted by jb

Anonymous said...

In 1992, I was working on Democratic campaigns in San Diego and Angelides, then head of the party in CA, came to give us a pep talk. It was rather like flat soda. He seemed... competent. But not much more. I have the impression that he has received backing of major dems because they feel they owe him. He raised a buttload of cash for Dems in the decade of the '90s.

But what will Angelides do? His website contains not a single bold idea. Yes, he'll be nice to the public employee unions, indian tribes, and the SEIU, who will support him. But beyond payback, what about the deficit and structural problems with CA government? What about the crumbling health care system, roads, and lack of investment in public transportation?

I fear he'll be Gray Davis II - and that will be enough to re-elect Arnie. 

// posted by LTG

Anonymous said...

For those interested in CA politics, check out this politics1 website .

The only good news that I see is:
-Garamendi is running for Lite Guv.

The bad news is that Cruz Bustamante wants Garamendi's current job (Insurance commissioner).

By the way - I endorse jb's comments about Al Checci and Westly. That's the last thing we need - a rich Democratic spendathon. 

// posted by LTG

Anonymous said...

Contrast Angelides  with Garamendi in terms of their goals. Some on this blog know I've been a Garamendi supporter for years, hoping he would run for higher office, because of his solid plans. In the 1994 race, he lost out to Kathleen Brown in the primary because the party machine backed her (i.e., Angelides did). Big mistake.

His issues:
1. Stop tuition/fee increases at UC and Cal States (he lists this first).
2. Increase research funds at universities.
Here's a quote I like from his site:
3. Real infrastructure investment: "High speed rail, light rail buses, metro systems and highways are essential. Congestion is slowing the economy. In our cities, the speed of travel is declining to 1910 levels."
4. Universal access to health care.

I am particularly happy about his emphasis on high speed rail, because I know he's been pushing that since I saw him speak at a small barbecue in 1993. Consistency is important. These are not ideas crafted by focus groups to register at the polls.

I think the Citizens may agree (or should discuss!) that this is the kind of leadership that Democrats need.  

// posted by LTG

Anonymous said...

Angelides is not just a boring guy who is merely competent. He has more baggage than Arnold/ Cruz and the whole lot combined.

Let's not forget, he was a longtime land developer and political mover and shaker. His closet is full of skeletons. My money's on Westly winning the primary (and losing to Arnold in the general) if he can make a case that he's ready for prime time...of course no one knows who the hell he is right now.

Don't you remember the stuff that came out about Angelides in 94 when he ran against Matt Fong? And do you remember the smear campaign he he ran against Roberti? I bet this'll be the sleaziest campaign since Phil and Mulholland's hit on Bruce Herschenson in 92.

And I tell you, my Republican operative friends tell me they know all Angelides' demons and ain't afraid to use 'em. 

// posted by Anonymous1