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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dirty Tricks in Congress

RBR recently inquired about Senate rules regarding Quorum calls. LTG Responded that with unanimous agreement, anything is possible in the Senate. Well, apparently unanimous agreement isn't necessary for many things and parliamentary rules are easily ignored. The Christian Science Monitor is reporting that Republicans are changing conference legislation in closed door meetings that often exclude Democrats. Then, Republicans force votes on these "adjusted" bills within hours of their having been printed, thus no one has time to read them. That is partly how they rammed through the Patriot Act. And it means that the real results of this year's budget that cuts student loan programs by $12.5 bil, shifts R&D funding away from universities, and cuts both Medicare and Medicaid programs won't even be evident until it is put into effect. Who knows what is lurking in that 3-ream-tall pile of paper.


Anonymous said...

The standard of behavior in American politics has nearly always been compromise. There have always been limits on power - even, no, especially the power of the majority - and those limits have always been respected by those being checked.

However, the current manifestation of the Republican Party (since 1994 really) does not respect or even acknowlege limits to its own power. I believe the root of this change is the religious foundations of Republican leaders' ideology. Because they believe that their policy preferences are the worldly manifestation of the "Will of God," they barely tolerate debate let alone actual limits to their demands.

That's why it rings so hallow when Bush gets on TV and says he respects people who oppose his Iraq policy. We all know he's lying. He has no respect for people who disagree with him.

By the way, this same arrogance of power is a risk the Religious Left runs as well. It is not a failing of only the right but of all who believe their policy prefernces are devine while all others are profane or even evil.  

// posted by Raised By Republicans

Anonymous said...

Democrats have the power to filibuster most bills out of conference, but usually don't because they don't get to conference until the Dems have caved or lost. The budget is a different matter, being originated in the House and not subject to filibusters.  

// posted by LTG