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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

FISA Judge Resigns In Protest

Hi Folks,

I found this on Daily Kos. Apparently a FISA judge (Clinton appointment to the bench, Rehnquist appointed him to FISA) has quit in protest of what Bush is/has been doing. Daily Kos reports that the judge quit in part because he was concerned that the Bush administration has been bringing information gathered from executive-only wire taps in order to get warrants for other taps through FISA - in effect laundering the illegally obtained information.

Could this be evidence of obstruction of justice?

Things are starting to get out of control from the White House POV. Not only is the New York Times digging but now every newspaper in the country smells a story. I suspect that sooner or later, it will be revealed that the Bush administration was spying on journalists and then LOOK OUT.

FYI: Daily Kos has a lot of updates on this story. And many of the people who blog there are well connected in the Democratic party. It's a good place to go to get the pulse of Democratic activists.


Anonymous said...

The rest of the FISA court is up in arms as well. They are having a meeting with the Justice department, and one of the judges is suggesting disbanding the court. They are plainly furious that they have been systematically lied to by Bush and his fascist cronies.

Bush must be impeached. 

// posted by LTG

Anonymous said...

Bush has seriously pissed off both Congress (especially the Senate) and the judiciary. This sure smells like a constitutional crisis! Bring it on!

Impeach Bush! 

// posted by Raised By Republicans