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Thursday, April 27, 2006



There's a funny story behind this picture... and it involves congressman John Sweeney of congressional district NY-20. He is the Republican incumbent, fighting off a challenge from Kirsten Gillibrand for his seat. Now I don't know much about Ms. Gillibrand, but whatever she is, she HAS to be better than:

  • ...the leader of the Brooks Brothers Riot. You remember that wonderful debacle, right? If not, check out the article.
  • ... a man with one of the worst environmental records in Congress, receiving a 17% out of 100% from the League of Conservation Voters and a whopping 0% out of 100% from the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund.
  • ...someone who is under fire because of a ski trip to Utah with lobbyists, while pretending to be on the side of lobby reform.
  • ...and who appears to be skimming campaign contributions into a personal account.
And now the incident from the picture. I have a feeling that Ms. Gillibrand will see a few more campaign dollars coming her way soon, and that this race will take on some added national attention.

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