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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Conservatives Say Ends Justify Means

Today, the Washington Post reports that Bush and Cheney each authorized Scooter Libby to leak classified information to help their case for war in Iraq. The charge comes direclty from Libby himself! He filed it in court papers.

If we still lived in a democracy, heads would roll. The fact that the president authorized any leak of classified information is a big deal, because it is illegal. The President does not have the right to break the law if he thinks the ends are right.

Sadly, Republicans in Congress will never do anything about this. Conservatives are ends-justify-means folks, who really believe that it is absolutely right for Bush to break "small" laws that stand in the way of the Greater Good, the War on Terror, or Christian Values (which now include going to war whenever Bush says we should). That is what Bush's pappy did in the Iran-contra affair, both personally and in pardoning the late Cap Weinberger. The Bushes both condoned breaking the law for the Greater Good du jour. The idea that the ends justify the means was a canard thrown at liberals for years, based on men like Stalin who are not really leftists at all, but dictators. It should be increasingly clear that the charge is true for today's conservatives, who believe it is okay to say anything and do anything to serve their agenda.

Bush must be impeached!

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Dr. Strangelove said...

I'm sure the theory of the "unitary executive" means Bush can do whatever he damned well pleases with classified information, because it's all "his" in some sense, rather than belonging to the nation.

btw, one cannot authorize a leak of classified information--that is a contradiction in terms. One can only declassify it.