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Saturday, February 25, 2006

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Anonymous said...

It wasn't just Howard Dean. I don't know more than a handful of political scientists who didn't see this coming and tell everyone they could that it was coming. I know of no political scientist who believes that democracy can be established and maintained simply with the removal of a dictator. I know of no politial scientist who currently believes that dictators sit atop societies from which they are entirely alienated - that is dictators maintain power by securing the support of large segments of society! The basis of the "We can fix the Middle East by force" strategy is that dictators themselves are the primary impediment to democracy. The reasoning completely neglects the circumstances that lead some societies to sustain dictatorships and others to sustain democracies.

But wasn't Saddam such a terrible threat that the US had to act decisively and aggressively or risk Iraqi invasion of our allies or a WMD attack against the USA itself? Two very prominent political scientists, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt , published a lengthy analysis of why this was flawed reasoning. The gist of this article was republished in most of the major news papers in the country. But no one paid them the slightest attention.

Here is a remarkable interview with Mearsheimer that amounts to an Iraq War post mortem.

Howard Dean was right about the war but his political timing was poor. At the same time, the Republicans were very aggressive - and still are - at accusing all who oppose their foolish foreign policies of cowardice at best and treason as often as not.

Waiting for the Republican party to slowly come to its collective senses is not an option our country can afford. We must defeat these people in 2006. STEP 1: VOTE DEMOCRAT! STEP 2: IMPEACH BUSH! 

// posted by Raised By Republicans

Anonymous said...

Step 3: Profit? 

// posted by Bell Curve

Anonymous said...

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