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Saturday, February 11, 2006

More Bush Lies about Education

Q Hi, I just want to get your comments about education. Recently, $12.7 billion was cut from education, and I was just wondering how that's supposed to help our futures? (Applause.)
THE PRESIDENT: Education budget was cut -- say it again. What was cut?
Here's from the an appearance by Bush in Kansas, question by a citizen who got past the goons that keep out all non-fascist sycophants:

"Q Twelve point seven billion dollars was cut from education, and I was just wondering how is that supposed to help our --
THE PRESIDENT: At the federal level?
Q Yes.
THE PRESIDENT: I don't think that -- I don't think we've actually -- for higher education? Student loans?
Q Yes, student loans.
THE PRESIDENT: Actually, I think what we did was reform the student loan program. We're not cutting money out of it. In other words, people aren't going to be cut off the program. We're just making sure it works better. Part of the reconciliation package, I think she's talking about. Yes, it's a reform of the program to make sure it functions better. It is -- in other words, we're not taking people off student loans, we're saving money in the student loan program because it's inefficient. And so I think the thing to look at is whether or not there will be fewer people getting student loans. I don't think so.

In fact, Bush's new budget increased fees and loan rates. For example, interest rates on loans taken out by parents, now at 6.1%, will rise to 8.5%. The Bush budget lists over $12 billion in savings from the program. Guess where it comes from.

Well, here it is from the horse's mouth (well, from an end of the horse, at any rate):

"I guess the best way to summarize me is I came from Texas and I'm going back to Texas with the exact same values I had when I arrived in Washington, D.C. "
Jan 23, 2006.

1. Yes, those are the values of doing anything and saying anything to get power and money. The press will never call you on a lie, so just keep doing it.
2. You can't go back to Texas fast enough.

Bush must be impeached, to save our Constitution and our republic.


Anonymous said...

It is sad that this President has been confronted with the world outside his Potemkin village bubble exactly twice in 6 years. And both of those in the last few weeks. The first time was this brave question from this student at KU. I say brave because people who attempted that sort of thing in the past have been hauled off by the secret service, put in jail for hours while Bush Campaign/White House officials threatened them with prosecution. One victim of this treatment is a veteran from Iraq who is now running for Congress in Minnesota - as a Democrat.

The second time was at Coretta Scott King's funeral where Bush was confronted with an entire crowd of people who disagree with his policies and his leadership.

We will have our last best chance to burst that Potemkin bubble for ever in November of this year. We must all do everything we can to get Democrats elected - even if you think their "too conservative" or "stupid" or "lacking in leadership." Only a Democratic majority will place any check at all on this Republican tyrrany. 

// posted by Raised By Republicans

US West said...

OK, time out. Time for a cynical break. I am a little surprised they were willing to put that speech up on the White House site. The whole thing makes me sick. Do people actually like this type of dribble from a President? How do people not get insulted by this stuff.

My summary:

BUSH: "Thanks for the warm welcome. Thanks for inviting me here to give the Landon Lecture. For those students who are here, I want you to know I can remember what it was like to sit through lectures. (Laughter.) Really, did he ever go to any lectures? If so, can he remember any of them through his hang overs? Oh, I'm sorry. Am I being insensitive to the ill among us? I didn't particularly like it then. (Laughter.) Some will take a little different approach. Yeah, some actually volunteer to go to school. And to pay for it, they are willing to put their lives on the line and join the military in order to pay for a university education - like the one that you got for free and never bothered to benefit from. He probably thinks cutting the education budget is an act of compassionate conservatism.

BUSH: I appreciate the students being here. I particularly want to thank those who've come from the Last Chance Bar. (Laughter and applause.) In his head he says, "that is sure as hell where'd I'd like to be now." Better than watching daytime TV I guess. (Laughter.) Right because most students don't have anything else to do, like go to class or sleep after working double shifts at the Diary Queen to pay for school books.

BUSH: (sounding like Oppie or maybe Beevus) You know, really one of the interesting things about being the President is to invite my guys, buddies I grew up with from Texas, to the White House. Right, the White House is a great place for the all night keggers! You're POTUS and the most interesting thing is having your "buddies" over? When ever do you have time to govern? It's really neat to see how they react to the majesty of the White House and the Oval Office and the South Lawn, and just the beauty of Washington. And most of them, after they get over the initial shock of seeing the White House, then come to the shock wondering how in the heck I got there. No shit. Them too, huh? And can you actually 'come the shock' in English? I knew you could 'come the the realization' of something, but not to the shock. Shock just happens.

BUSH: I guess the best way to summarize me is I came from Texas and I'm going back to Texas with the exact same values I had when I arrived in Washington, D.C. You ain't going back soon enough.

BUSH: In order to make good decisions, you've got to rely upon the judgment of people you trust. I'll never forget the first decision I had to make as the President . . . a fellow called me on the phone and he said, what color rug do you want to have in the Oval Office? (Laughter.) You've got to be kidding me, man. (Laughter.) He delegated that task to Laura. Maybe he should have delegated a few more things to Laura, like . . . everything.

BUSH: (continuing the stupid carpet story) I said, make it [the carpet] say this: optimistic person comes here to work every single day. Ummm, carpets don't talk; they don't fly either. None of that. That stuff is what call 'imaginary' or 'fantasy', Mr. President. Can you tell the difference between what is real and what isn't? Or is that an acid flash back you are having there, Sir?

BUSH: . . . you've got to be optimistic about -- if you're going to lead somebody. Imagine somebody saying, follow me, the world is going to be worse. (Laughter.) Would that be you talking or the carpet, Mr. President? That's not a very good organizing principle about which to lead people. I'm optimistic about our future . . .because I have run things so far down into the ground, lowered expectations so badly, that we can only go up from here.

I can't go on. It is too insulting.

Bush needs to be impeached and sentenced to 10 years at Sierra Tucson.

Anonymous said...

Don't delegate anything to Laura. She's the kind of person who thinks that being on the local library fund raising committee makes her an intellectual. 

// posted by Raised By Republicans

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the White House website has all sorts of drivel like this.

Here's another great  one:
"It's not American-style democracy. Japan didn't say, let's just look like America. Japan said, we'll have a democracy that suits our needs. That's the way democracies develop. They develop with history and culture of the people in mind."

Gee, General MacArthur governed that country four 9 years after we nuked it, and wrote the constitution. What a moron. If that's the model for Iraq, watch out. Jeez.


// posted by LTG

The Law Talking Guy said...

And wait, did we liberate Japan or occupy it? Or did we liberate Iraq or occupy it? I'm confused now.

Anonymous said...

We've talked about how silly the Republican comparison between Iraq on the one hand and the German and Japanese situations after WWII on the other.

Both Germany and Japan had far more diversified, complex economies than Iraq does. That lead to more complex constellations of interests making it more difficult to rule the country with a dicatorship and making it less onerous to be out of power. 

// posted by Raised By Republicans

Anonymous said...

In many ways, the situation in Iraq, as it is evolving, may end up being more like the former Soviet Union. I have made some comparisons to the former Yugoslavia.

I was reading last night about Iraq. It was never a unified country. It was always divided down tribal lines. And, in the words of the military, "Any one who thinks they are an expert on Iraq is full of shit." The associations, clans, tribes are very complex. Apparently there is a new field of experts emerging in DC, they call themselves "tribalists". Many of them predicted the troubles that we are now facing. No one listened. But no one listened to the "Arabists" in the 1920s-1950s. And Arab scholars talk a lot about the Arab world in general lacking a sense of nationhood.

But this isn't an administration that likes nuance. Either does 95% or the US publics.

// posted by USWest

Anonymous said...

LTG, please don't share anymore off the White House wesite. I just ate and I am really going to be sick.

BUSH: I like to tell people the role of government is not to try to create wealth; that's not the role of government. Oh, sure, the role of government is to help the poor and help the elderly with medicine -- but it's not to try to create overall wealth. I thought that was what Canada was for.   

// posted by USWest