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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My previous comments are coming true. Today, Alberto Gonzalez "clarified" his statements (incorrectly called "testimony" - Republicans refused to require him to be sworn in about the President's secret spying on American citizens, so that he would not really have to tell the truth). We will soon find that Bush has not confined himself to international telephone calls. He is spying on Americans at home, talking to other Americans, and likely on all sorts of liberal groups, including and others. Does anybody seriously trust anything this president or his cronies say anymore?

In response to criticism of the so-called Patriot Act (really the Elimination of Freedom Act), Jim Bunning (R-KY) said "Civil liberties aren't worth much if you're dead." That's the Republican position: anything and everything is justified as long as you say you are fighting terrorism. Republicans are unfit to run a free country. Lenin could not have made a better ends-justify-the-means argument.

And they wonder why we snicker when they claim to support democracy abroad.

Bush must be impeached!


Anonymous said...

Again, this is just more proof that Republicans are really the American Tories, in that they're supporting an unapologetic royalist in Bush. The personality cult ... the outright accusations of treason (and blasphemy!) if anyone questions him ... the "I'll do whatever the hell I want" attitude ... we've moved into a state where we have a monarch put into office by divine right.
Yeah, you and I know that it's a load of bull, but it explains how Bush can hang onto his loyal 40% no matter what. Even George III's poll numbers held up well during the Revolution ...

// posted by Bob Lewis

Anonymous said...

I think Bush has actually said that his 2000 "victory" was moved by divine intervention. Didn't we blog about that at some point?  

// posted by Raised By Republicans