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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Harm and Pain vs. Shock and Awe

Iran is at it again. Today they promised the US (rather than the West in general) "harm and pain" if we succeed to get sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council. Notice that once again, the rhetoric heats up just when things heat up in Iraq. Coincidence? I think not, my fellow citizens.

We have talked about this before. It is hard not to laugh at the rhetoric, even if the game is dead serious!

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Anonymous said...

The next day the Iranian foreign minister was talking about how Iran's wish "all along" was not the acquistion of nuclear weapons themselves but merely the ABILITY to build them if the need arose.

Like many dictatorships, Iran's "diplomacy" seems to be about screaming threats loudly then whispering the real concession. The Soviets did this a lot and so does China today. JFK avoided nuclear war in the Cuban Missile Crisis by chosing to listen to the whispers instead fo the screams. I hope Rice convinces Bush to do so now. 

// posted by Raised By Republicans