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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Nooobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

Some time ago, Law Talking Guy posted his thoughts regarding the Bush Administration’s attempt enlist the Pope’s support against Democrat, and Roman Catholic, John Kerry. Bush asked a Vatican official to go after Kerry on the abortion issue. The Vatican response was to leak the story and deny any intention of getting involved in the American election.

Now the Washington Times is reporting that Marc Balestrieri, a 33 year old canon lawyer and assistant judge with the Los Angeles Archdiocese, has officially accused, or “denounced,” Kerry of heresy before the Boston Archdiocese. Balestieri contends that Kerry committed heresy by receiving communion while opposing laws that restrict women’s access to abortions. The Boston Archdiocese has no comment. Whether the case progresses or not is up to the Archbishop of Boston.

“'By spreading heresy, he is endangering not just mine but every Catholic’s possession of the faith,…I am inviting all baptized Catholics who feel injured by Kerry to join the suit as third parties.’” Balestieri said in the Washington Times article.

I think this quotation gets to the heart of how religious conservatives are moving decisively towards an ideology based on theocracy. It isn’t enough to be allowed to worship as one wishes. Religious conservatives now claim that any deviation from traditionalist beliefs is a threat to their freedom of religion.

This faction is now the dominant faction of the Republican party. Any question that there is no difference between moderate Democrats and Republicans should be answered by these kinds of incidents.


The Law Talking Guy said...

It still boggles the mind that there have been no excommunications for sex with children, but some are contemplating it for a pro-choice stance. Incidentally, denying communion *IS* excommunication. It just goes to show that excommunication is as much a political tool (unworthy of a church of Jesus Christ) as it was when they put the smackdown on Luther and Galileo.

US West said...

And to get out of their penance, they file bankrupcy.