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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

No Coverage of Falluja etc

Hi Everyone,

Obviously, the TV news networks are engaged in 24 hour coverage of a decision they were only speculating about 24 hours ago. But there is a whole, wide world out there that they are not covering.

Has anyone noticed the absence of TV footage of US Fighter bombers bombing Falluja? The fact of the bombing is being reported but the pictures are generally absent. Back before "major combat operations" were over, TV footage of fighter planes flying over Iraqi cities was common. The so-called liberal media is avoiding showing dramatic pictures of large bombs being dropped on houses in an attempt to assassinate terrorist leader, Zarqawi.

Also, the Pentagon has advised Americans to leave Bahrain because of fears that terrorism against Americans is about to spread from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain. The so-called liberal media is not making a big deal of that either.

Just a little reminder that the rest of the world may not be watching analysis of how Edwards will effect swing voters.


US West said...

They may not be watching, but they are missing a real comedic act in the media. Some mornings NPR is just one idiotic report after another- the producer must be on vacation or something. This morning, in an attempt to do a spoof piece, they tried to get me to swallow that Edwards got involved in politics because of the "legacy left by his son" (who was said to be interested in politics) who died at 16 in a car wreck, something " he doesn't like to talk about". Spare me!

I invite you to look at Morning edition's line up for Tues July 6th and tell me if they weren't having a bad news cycle.

Raised By Republicans said...

And you haven't even mentioned the NY Post "Kerry Picks Gebhardt" headline! It was funny when the Chicago Trib did "Dewey Defeats Truman" now it's just incompetent.

The Law Talking Guy said...

Given how bad the news is in Iraq, and the poor job growth report, you can see why GWB almost doesn't mind a couple days of fluff pieces about Edwards.