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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Frog Talk, Part II

This is the second in a series of reports from France.

A bit of a surprising development here in the past few days -- John Edwards' name appearing in the headlines. As far as I can tell, this means either (1) The French think that the vice-president is actually someone important, like the prime minister here, or (2) they really love John Kerry and are devoting a lot of attention to him. I am hard-pressed to think of any other reasons... as you might expect, the news is of the getting-to-know-you variety; the press stresses the fact that he's a millionaire trial lawyer from the south. One also interesting tidbit they pointed out is that the two previous Massachusetts democrats to run for president also had southerners as their running mates. I guess it does balance the ticket (at least that's the idea).

Kerry didn't really surprise us with his choice, which really goes along with his theme: playing it safe. It's obvious he has chosen to not lose this campaign, rather than trying to win it. Don't expect any shockers from now until November.

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Raised By Republicans said...

I recently asked a friend of mine who is undecided about the election what if there was anything Bush could do that would make my friend vote for re-election. He said, "No. But there are things Kerry could do that would make me vote for Bush." He went on to explain that if Kerry did something sufficiently stupid, he would go ahead and vote for Bush to keep Kerry out of office.

If that is typical of undecided voters, then Kerry's "don't screw up/make the other guy beat you" strategy (is John Kerry getting campaign advice from Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel?) could be a winner - albeit rather dull for the French media.