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Friday, July 30, 2004

Baseball and Politics

Okay, someone explain this to me.  Why is John Kerry being told he needs to pretend to be a Red Sox fan?  First, he says his favorite player is "Manny Ortiz", mixing up Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz. (Kind of remins me of Mr. Burns wanting Mordecai "Three-finger" Brown on his baseball team§) Then he gets humiliated trying to throw out the first pitch at a Red Sox - Yankees game ... "trying" being the operative term.  Can we stop the nonsense now?  I know, he's trying to look less elite and more down-to-earth, but it's not working.  Red Sox fans are among the most intelligent baseball fans out there; they know if you're a true fan or not.  Plus, he's going to sweep New England anyway, right?  And if anyone is going to vote for a candidate based on baseball ties, they'll vote for Bush.  So give it up.


The Law Talking Guy said...

Interesting - that story has not made much headlineage here. For what it's worth, Kerry's been a Bostonian for some 40 years now, and a politician there for 22 years, and his kids have been grown up for several years now -- so his connection to the Red Sox may be more about prior history than following it during the last 2 seasons of heavy campaigning. Then, of course, there's the Ben Affleck connection. According to recent reports, Ben Affleck has been stumping all over the place for Kerry, and he gave Kerry his seats on the "unannounced" visit. Kerry also had a homecoming of sorts to Boston as a "favorite son" which makes a certain obeisance to the Red Sox de rigueur.

Raised By Republicans said...

Wait a minute, when did Baseball become the sport of choice for the "every man?" Baseball fans are white urbanites right? How can a sport that is so dominated by wealthy owners like George W. Bush and Marge Schott be anything but "Elitist."

Besides all the film clips I've seen of Kerry hanging out while they get the bus or plane ready for the next leg of the tour show him throwing a .... are you ready for it....a football! Very Kennedyesque.

US West said...

Well, I've seen him in Skii gear and a bike helmet with shorts (he has knobby knees, I must say). So what does that tell us?