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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hillary defeated in Michigan

The AP is reporting that the Democratic State Party in Michigan just agreed to ask the DNC credentials committee on 5/31 that its delegation be split 69 for Clinton, 59 for Obama. The election results had 80 for Clinton, 55 uncommitted, and 13 for Edwards. (Obama's name was not on the ballot). Clinton needed Obama to get nothing in order to have some numerical argument to make. With 59 for Obama - even with just the 55 uncommitted - he is certain to have the majority of pledged delegates. Presumably this split will be supported by Obama and the neutrals on the credentials committee as eminently a fair result. Clinton gets net 10, not net 80. Even if Florida is seated as-is (which is also unlikely), his nomination is assured.

Game over.


Dr. Strangelove said...

We've talked a lot about MI/FL on this blog. The last time I wrote about it, I wrote that it was important to honor the voters, but that the election results had to be tempered by the understanding that there were irregularities in the election process. A split of 69-59 feels like an acceptable compromise to me.

This result effectively ratifies Hillary's win in Michigan.

The Law Talking Guy said...

Of course, Clinton still has to accept it. I'm sure they're scrambling to find some way to reject it.

Raised By Republicans said...

Edwards' national campaign director, David Bonior (former Demcoratic Whip in the House, pro-life Democrat from SE Michigan), endorsed Obama today. So did long time Clinton confident and supporter, George McGovern.

The party is already beginning to unify and heal. It's up to Hillary whether she's going to be a part of that or not.

The Law Talking Guy said...

Hillary has got to stop scratching at wounds she made, then claiming she's the only doctor in town. She's got to make nice to black leaders too. While the Clintons were popular with black folks for a long time, they have squandered a great deal of that goodwill. Black folks - like all other folks - don't like finding out that the Clintons are ready to belittle them and shove them out of the way as soon as they become an obstacle to their massive sense of entitlement.