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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Why I'm Voting for Biden

She's back . . . . online and going strong.

OK, I watched the entire Las Vegas debate. I think it was great. And I'm voting for Biden in the primary just for kicks.

Let me share a secret. In government qualifications don't matter. And what any of these people say they are going to do now, or any plan that they are talking about now doesn't matter. It is all purely academic. And everyone gets hemmed in by the politics and the party, and the base, and special interests, etc. Since I was 18, I always took every vote extra seriously, as if the fate of the human race rested on my single ballot. And what has it gotten me? John Kerry. So this year, since I have two opportunities to vote- once in the primary and once in the general election, I have decided to cast my first vote for Biden because the guy cracks me up.

I am going to give in and vote for the balding dude with the great smile and the wicked sense of humor. Biden's gaffes make him all the more appealing to me. It's in the gaffes that the real person lives. We want people to be straight and real, then penalize them when they tell you what they really think in the way the really think it. Biden is only in this election out of pure amusement. I'm gonna send the dude $50 just because he's the only guy in the race having fun. You can't take yourself too seriously and survive in government. I already know the winner in the primary is going to be Hilary or Obama, which is such a "yawn" boring idea to me now. And I will proudly vote for either one of them in the Presidential. But in the primary, I am going to vote my fancy.


The Law Talking Guy said...

Normally, I think people should vote strategically, knowing how their vote will actually affect the race, rather than engaging in some sort of Kantian voting where you vote for the person you believe everyone should vote for.

Given that you are not upset with either HRC or Obama as the winner, voting for Biden is not quixotic. So that's fine with me.

My problem with Biden is that he is probably in the pocket of the Duponts, being from Delaware and all.

Dr. Strangelove said...

You are voting, essentially, on character. There are a lot worse reasons for voting for a candidate. Enjoy your $50 and your vote. Gods, how I wish I had voted for Larry Flynt for governor in the California recall election five years ago, rather than casting my ballot seriously for chief the Democratic contender :-)

Bob said...

Good for you, USWest.

In regard to people voting "strategically, knowing how their vote will actually affect the race", doesn't this bring up the famous economists' argument that voting is irrational?

I know with near certainty how my vote will actually affect the race -- not at all. Sure, if I and a few thousand friends all switch our votes, something might happen, but my own vote is a drop in the bucket. How could one justify _not_ taking the Kantian approach (except to not vote at all)?