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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This was widely believed to be the end of Nixon's political career

That phrase (or one very similar to it) pops up several times in "Dave Barry Slept Here: A Sort of History of The United States". It details all the times people thought Nixon was done. But just like some sort of zombie, he kept on coming back.

I bring this up to warn people about thinking the newest revelation about Rudy (where he billed government agencies to get places to make whoopee with his then-mistress) will kill his chances at the White House. If conservatives can put up with his three marriages, pro-federally funded abortions stance and the like, they can deal with this.

... as an aside, please check out Glenn Greenwald for the ridiculous Time Magazine/Joe Klein saga, if you haven't heard about it already.


Raised By Republicans said...

We'll see what happens with Giuliani. But this is the first time that famous Republican opinion leaders like Drudge and FOX "News" are really laying into Giuliani. Until now, the more secular "national security" conservatives have treated him like some kind of saint - they don't much care about the filandering.

The significance of this isn't that the Christian Right will have yet another reason to never support the guy. Rather it is that Giuliani may now be in trouble with the secular factions of the GOP as well - not to mention his supposed cross-over appeal and appeal to independents.

The Law Talking Guy said...

Well, not a single vote has yet been taken. There is still plenty of time for all these things to work against Giuliani, including the twice-divorced thing. The main sweep of primary elections is still more than 2 months away - so it's like Labor Day in a regular campaign. This one new item isn't enough to sink Giuliani, in all likelihood, but it does have potential: financial impropriety and sex scandal is a winner.