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Friday, November 30, 2007

My Man, Biden

Ok, so the news out today is that Joe Biden will not accept a post as Secretary of State. Thank goodness he has a reputation for being a bit of a waffler. Right now, he is running for president, so it is normal that he will decline the premise of the question, "Would you accept the post." But later, I hope he will reconsider.

In an interview recently, he responded "The problem is you Iowans like us all. The polls show that. And there are folks our there (He means the Clinton camp) saying, 'Look, elect us and you can have Obama as VP and Biden as Secretary of State.'" He has a point. That is what I am doing as I watch debates. Who could go where? What team would I put together?

So let's go with that. Let's play a little parlor game. I'd think it would be a hard call between Richardson and Biden for Sec. of State. I'd look at Kucinish of Health and Human Services and Chris Dodd a for treasury or a potential Fed Chair. If you were Obama as President, where would you put Edwards and Clinton? And if you were Clinton, where would you out Obama and Edwards? I'm having a hard time with that.


Dr. Strangelove said...

If Clinton wins, I think she would offer VP to Obama. If he declined, I think she might offer it to Vilsack. Richardson as Secretary of State also makes sense. I think she would leave Edwards out entirely.

If Obama wins, I think he might offer VP to Edwards, but Edwards might well not accept it. He's already done that once. I'm fairly sure Clinton would not accept VP if offered. If Edwards refused, Obama might offer VP to Richardson. If not VP, I think he would offer Secretary of State to Richardson. ]

I don't see anyone offering Biden VP or Secretary of State. I really can't imagine Kucinich would get a cabinet post from anyone. As always, I have no data to support my wild opinions :-)

Raised By Republicans said...

How about Biden for Viceroy of Iraq? He could be our Mountbatten! :-)

USWest said...

Actually, RBR, that is pretty funny!

The Law Talking Guy said...

I think Richardson would be Clinton's pick for VP. He's been close with the Clintons for years.

Bell Curve said...

Okay, I would definitely take Richardson over Biden for secretary of state. I'd be so worried Biden would mouth off to someone and create an international incident.

How great would it be if Clinton picked Kathleen Sebelius for veep? Talk about a ballsy move (if we can apply that adjective to her)