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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Army of Northern Virginia

In 1861, organized rebels intending to kill American soldiers, attack the nation's capital, and destroy the republic, organized themselves in to the"Army of Northern Virginia" led by a former American officer named Robert E. Lee. We normally hear this story told a little differently. But my how things have changed.

Today, if anyone talks about the Army of Northern Virginia, they would mean the hordes of suburban Washingtonians, northerners, who are changing the face of Virginia politics. In 2005, they propelled Kaine to the governorship as a Democrat. Yesterday, Democrtas won the Virginia Senate thanks to the norhtern Virginia dems.


Bob said...

Hey! I don't get no credit?

Ok, I _personally_ don't necessarily deserve any credit, but NoVa isn't the only way the demographics are shifting in Virginia. Cities like Richmond (and Charlottesville, and others) are full of left-leaning DY's (like myself) and immigrants from places other than the North. My understanding is that in fact the urban centers have been pretty left-leaning for some time, it's just the more rural Republican countryside has had more votes.

Raised By Republicans said...

Bob's right and it should make the current incarnation of the Republican party tremble.

The Republicans have become the party of the rural whites, for the rural whites and by the rural whites. Anyone with even a passing familiarity with demographic trends in this country will realize what a rotten long term strategy that is.

As states like Virginia, Florida, Missouri, Ohio and others become more urban they are becoming less and less Republican.

I'm reminded of a conversation I had about 7 years ago with a very conservative Republican. He was pointing to the fact that all the fast growing states were traditionally Republican. "Ah, but don't count your electoral votes before they are stolen!" I said. "All that growth is in urban areas and Republicans from today won't be able to recognize an urbanized Virginia or North Carolina in ten or fifteen years."