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Monday, June 05, 2006

Why I Support Gay Marriage Now

A few years ago, I was against the idea of gay marriage. I thought it would cause too much fuss. I thought all that mattered were equivalent rights. "What's in a name?" I used to think. "Call it a life commitment, call it a quasi-spousal relationship--call it an ice cream cone for all I care. The important thing is to secure hospital visitation rights, to file income taxes jointly, and to make inheritance easier."

But then I saw the ceremonies in San Francisco and Massachussetts on TV--I saw all the tears and the joy--and I realized how much it meant to those couples to get married. After that, I began to support the idea of gay marriage in principle, but I still thought it was just too soon for the American public. I thought it would be better for the Democratic party to support civil unions instead. I thought that would be fair enough for now.

Then my boyfriend proposed to me. And suddenly I understood what it was all about.

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Anonymous said...


Now, to my thinking this an issue about equal protection under the law. Are homosexuals full citizens deserving of equal protection under the Constitution? Are religious sects - regardless of their popularity - to be allowed to define citizenship? The answers to those questions are YES! and NO! 

// posted by Raised By Republicans