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Monday, June 12, 2006

Lessons from Bangladesh

Fatah forces have attacked the Palestinian parliament building and burned down a cabinet office; Hamas has deployed its own militia in Gaza and attacked Fatah forces there. I'll bet Likud is raising a toast in Tel-Aviv.

Every time they touch one of ours in Gaza, we will get ten of theirs in the West Bank.
-Armed Fatah supporter (as quoted in NY Times)

There now are civil wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the nascent Palestinian state. Maybe the neo-cons will finally learn that elections do not a democracy make--that elections mean little when competing political factions maintain their own armed militias. But perhaps also those who wish for Palestinian statehood will realize reluctantly that a non-contiguous Palestinian state will work no better than the original non-contiguous Pakistan did.

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure the 'nascent Palestinian state' is yet engaged in a civil war. A power struggle among factions is not necessarily a civil war. I am more interested in the results of the Abbas referendum coming up. 

// posted by LTG