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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What The Other Side is Saying

Here are some excerpts of an email a relative of mine sent around to his family. This person is a Republican albeit not one of the ones that raised me (thankfully). Actually, it's Republicans like this that drove me out of the party and made me decide they needed to be opposed and kept from power until they reestablish the old "stalwart" and "rock ribbed" variety of the party.

"The whiney, and bitchy! demands for the prompt and complete relief,
to which we are all "ENTITLED" , in the aftermath of Katrina, has me
feeling more pessimistic about this spoiled country of ours than I
have felt for a long long time.
And our nightly news ... feeds the monster. Perhaps its time for our
Rome, to fall.
The news talked about our "National Disgrace". Who's disgraced? our
government for letting the storm come ashore or the upright citizens
of Louisiana who have accepted looting as their right, apparently
blessed by the Governor. didn't that Democrat, Richard Dailey, shoot
the first 2 or 3 looters in a Chicago riot? and didn't that pretty
much solve the looting problem?

This man has actually held elected office (school board) as a Republican in a major city.



Anonymous said...

I have a comment, and it is Yikes!

While it sometimes seems like the two parties (at least, their representatives in DC) are too much alike, I think they are distinctly different in that when the Democrats are in power, they seem to get overly hopeful, while the Republicans get overly defensive.


// posted by Bob

Dr. Strangelove said...

What an asshole! It's a classic example of conservatives never thinking to put themselves in another man's shoes. If RxR's relative had been the one who got trapped for a week by rising floodwaters and criminals after everything in the world he had owned was destroyed--I'll bet anything he'd be bitching and whining with the worst of 'em.

Conservatives can be the worst whiners when they are merely inconvenienced--have you ever had to listen to one who was stuck in traffic? (And yet who refuses to pay more money for better roads?)
I am dead certain RxR's relative would complain to anyone and everyone that the government didn't step in fast enough. He'd complain that after all the taxes he paid, he deserved better. FOX news would no doubt cheer him on. And after complaining, he'd probably start suing people. Heck, he'd probably try to swindle the insurance companies by putting in an inflated damage claim, because he thinks he was "owed" it and besides, too many conservatives have accepted the popular culture value that it's OK to do whatever it takes to get as much as you can get.

And then after his inflated insurance claim got denied, if RxR's relative were in the mold of the conservatives of our grandfathers' generation... then he'd probably start blaming the Jews.

Anonymous said...

We may get a chance to hear him bitch. He lives in a luxury resort on a barrier island that has a 50% chance of getting hit by hurricane Ophelia. If his house, boat, RV or lexus get blasted, we'll hear about it I'm sure.

Actually, the only thing this guy doesn't complain about is physical pain. I have to admit, he's one of the physically toughest guys I've ever met.  

// posted by Raised By Republicans